Contact Classy

Hi! I'm Jill Gillespie -- Classy's been my life forever now, and you probably have questions!

Q: How do I connect with you on the social media webs?
A: First, you can follow me on Facebook. If you just like the idea of just seeing silly stuff I post all the time, follow my Instagram. If you are thinking, "That's cute, but I do the Twitters," then follow my Twitter. I'm old, that's all the social media webs I know.

Q: Is this your job?
A: Nope, just a really important hobby to keep my brain from exploding on a regular basis. 

Q: Can I hire you to do stuff, though?
A: I suck at commission work because I don't feel like a legit artist, but I will make you prints of drawings I have already made. 

Q: You're a yoga teacher?!
A: Yeah! More information on that is here!


I'm so happy to come talk to your group about feelings, or getting over the fear of making art, or whatever. Just contact me and we'll talk about it. I led a Girl Scout Troupe in a face-drawing class one day. I often talk to folks about event-planning. I do lots of fun silly things. Lots of things that seem like they'd conflict with each other.

Q: I am ALSO horrified of social media, can I just write out my words in an email to you?
A: Sure, classy (at) classymcgraceful (dot) com

Q: Can I buy a hat from you?
A: No, please. I'm retired.