Classy Calendar

Greetings, all! You might have figured this out about me, but I'm pretty busy and doing lots of fun events around Kansas City on a regular basis now!

I've created a calendar of events that are updated in live time as I save them to my own calendar, so you'll be the very first to know where you can catch me (mostly performing!). Scroll past the calendar to see a Classy-fied summary of what all these words mean.

The art I've been focusing on these days is improv comedy -- If you don't know what that is, it's essentially little made up plays. Totally unscripted shows where we might play games (like on 'Whose Line?') or we might be running formats we've been rehearsing where it's just one uninterrupted 20-minute play (we call them "sets").

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I'll try to remember to link to the FB events as they are created. Just click on a show you're interested in seeing to get the details!

BOOKENDS is my improv duo with Bobby McCosky; we get suggestions of books you've read and then play scenes that are summaries of those books. This is more short-form-y; we do one scene, and then get a new book suggestion for each scene.

Please Advise is my improv duo with Kelly Jacobsen; we do a long-form set where we get one suggestion (currently we're using events) to create characters and scenes that could be happening on the fringes of those events. So if we get 'wedding' as a suggestion; we're probably going to be the photographers or guests (or people watching the Royal wedding from their TV at home), rather than the actual bride and groom.

Samantha & Grace is my improv duo with Laura Irwin; we're still figuring out what we're doing, so it's still a surprise every show. Guaranteed silliness.

I'm also a company member of The KC Improv Company, so you'll see me performing as part of the house team Lounge Pants or our Shredder show. These shows are usually a mix of short-form games and long-form plays so you can get a little sampling of a bunch of improv.