Wednesday, September 28, 2022

New Chapters New Websites

Hello, friends! This continues to be an exciting time of change and growth and renewal.

With these changes, in order to move onto the newness of this life,
we need to let old things go.

I started this blog website project over 10 years ago.
A couple months back, I went to make some updates to my About Me page, etc, and I was horrified at what I had said about myself.

I've since changed it, because the things I was saying about myself were so harmful and triggering. 

I said things about how I really liked making hats because it kept me from eating so much, and that everything I was doing had this externally motivated lens of keeping myself busy enough to stay thin.

A lot has happened since I wrote that really terrible bio. 

For one, I'm not a thin person anymore. Something I spent time grieving, but have since moved on from once I realized how harmful it was to constantly be hungry and over-exercising and self-loathing and stressed out of my mind about every interaction that involved a piece of food anywhere. Our thinness ideal in this culture is truly disordered behaviors, white supremacy, and capitalism wrapped in shiny wrapping of acceptance and love. Just...fake and unattainable.

I leave this project understanding that our body diversity is important and....completely normal. And that I could make art and be funny without making myself the punchline of every joke.

Once I was busy with other projects
and found other fulfilling activities that didn't just revolve around trying to hate myself into a better person,
I found I had less and less to say here.


Another big shift was that I left my FT job of almost 13 years last month.
With no plan.
It was time, but also goes back to that earlier mention that sometimes we need to give up old things to move onto new things.

When you are also so busy and stressed at work,
when are you supposed to have the brain space and rest and capacity to imagine something better?


So at this moment, I'm hanging in midair between Big Things, mostly still TBD. I'm moving all my current projects to my new website, and I hope you'll continue to follow my journey over there -- One that already is so much more loving and compassionate toward myself; which gives me SO much more space to be loving and compassionate toward everyone else, too.

I love you all,
Classy McG (aka Jill)

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