Sunday, January 30, 2022

You get a Wordle! And you get a Wordle!

Y'all. I love Wordle right now. 

Let me tell you why, in no particular order:

1) There's something special about participating in a cultural event that has minimal barriers to access. It's free, there's no app to download, no accounts to set up. There's no financial status to be gained by participating in it (unlike PS5s, new iPhones, streaming services we have to pay for, etc etc). We don't have to have to use our money to play. We can

2) It's hard to ruin the experience for others -- with movie/show plots, you have to bust your ass to see a movie the first weekend it's out or face the ravages of Internet spoilers. With Wordle, we ALL play the same word every day, and then when midnight strikes, the page refreshes and the next word puzzle begins. I have a steady practice of doing it first-thing when I hop on the Internet on a particular day (sometimes it is at the midnight change over, sometimes it's when I pick up my phone for the first time after I wake up again). 

3) Sure, there's skill, but there's also a lot of lucky guessing involved. There's no "bad at it," really. The website's keyboard feature helps you keep track of the letters you've already used, and a lot of the time, it's just dumb luck when you get the right letters together in the right spot in 6 moves or less.

4) I love word games in general. MOAR MOAR MOARRRRRR

5) I love seeing people's scores, too. It further affirms point #3, but it's a sliver of something wholesome and fun that keeps me connected and having shared experiences with my friends...without having to leave my house, hold entire conversations, pay for something, or worry about spoilers.

The world's been so different the past years for [gestures at everything] reasons. It's hard to be mad when we find those easy little ways to connect with each other. It'll come and go as quickly as our shared Tiger King experience from ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO ALREADY. 

Welp, I just started spiraling again, so I'd better go wait for tomorrow's word.


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