Sunday, January 2, 2022

2021 Year in Review -- Oh boyyyy

Well, hello! I still have a blog, hi, how are you? I'm still writing a lot over on my Instagram account if you miss seeing me regularly! I'm planning to transition that effort back to this space more this year, now that I remember my password, ha!

This past year has been...a lot. A lot of really good things, and some really bad things (I'll tell you when I get to those), and I guess that's what makes us whole humans. We can't feel/know what darkness feels like if we never feel what light/joy feels like, too. I guess [yells into the void].

So how about we just dive in, and I'll let you know the main points of activity from the year, and then I'll tell you what I've learned.

1) Huh, well, still pandemic times. That continued to be the thread through the year that helped make decisions for me if I felt any uncertainty about what I should be doing. We're vaxxed and boosted over here, and I continue to do about 70% of my interactions online/from home.

Things I've learned in this realm:
a) I am so upset we're still in this position, BUT I've learned that I'm well-equipped to handle online interactions, classes, meetings, pretty much anything that means I can stay home. Getting take-out and watching a show at home is pretty darned great. I have no sense of urgency about 'getting back to normal' because there's a lot of 'normal' that really sucks.

2) Yoga teaching is my primary socializing/work outside of work-work. I'm currently in a new continuing education program through Yogic Studies, which has taken me into the realm of academia around studying yoga history and philosophy. I'm even learning how to read Sanskrit. I have to write a paper later this year! I haven't been in school-school like this since [redacted].

This past year, I branched out to teaching more study group/philosophy/self-study-type sessions, aside from just the regular physical practices. I feel like this pandemic time has made us all crave a little something different/deeper than what we usually do.

Things I've learned:
a) Anytime we're entrenched in a hobby we've been practicing pretty much the same way for awhile, there's always that point of feeling STUCK. So much of my yoga up to this year was essentially trying to accomplish acrobatics, when really, I needed more still, internal exploration. And I feel very called to continue sharing what I'm learning so I don't forget it!

b) I have a tremendous community of students/peers/friends who continued to show up for me, even when I'm having days where my tongue was tied, my technology tried to fail me, and when I had to disappear to deal with emergencies at the last minute.

3) Hubby and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary (20th dating!) this past summer. It was the first time we left the house overnight, for fun, in over a year. We found a B&B that had a completely separate space away from any other guests/staff, and we were right on the bike trail, so we got lots of great time outside.

Things I learned:
a) There ARE safe ways to still leave the house and have fun without hanging around a whole bunch of other people.

4) WE GOT A CAT. I named him Colin Robinson after the vampire from What we Do in the Shadows (which you should totally watch, btw. It's on Hulu). My friends have known for a long time that I adore cats, but having to take care of a living being and lose some of my autonomy was not a decision I took lightly. He's featured a lot on aforementioned Instagram.

I learned:
a) Sometimes, I think "Wow, I should have gotten a cat a long time ago!" but then I remember that if that happened, I probably would have never met Colin. Sometimes the reason we don't go through with something we think we want to do, it's because the time isn't right. It's right when it's right, I guess.

b) He knows himself, he knows his boundaries, he knows what he wants when he wants and how to ask for it, and almost 0% of that involves hanging out with me, lol. I wish I could be so confident and self-assured, too.

5) I started dabbling in live comedy again. When everything shut down March 2020, I was RELIEVED that all my shows were canceled, which, well, means I probably needed the break. I'm still mostly doing sketch comedy with my Minnie Drivers' Many Mini Drivers friends, and with Anarchy Fun Time Show. It's not MY story of the year, but my friends have gotten a new space in the Crossroads for comedy, and I'll be around as much as I can. I'm planning to even teach a Foundations of Improv course for them later this month. Crossing fingers we can do everything safely.

I learned:
a) I don't know yet. I think I'm glad to be doing comedy again, but it'll be awhile before I can build trust/confidence back up. It's been a LONG TIME.


My mom passed away in November. I've already talked about it so much and have heard all the condolences, thank you, but gawd it really sucks. I spent most of October and November back in South Dakota; I'd very much like to not see a hospital again for a very long time. I'm glad I got to see mom as much as I could; I'm so mad we stayed apart for so long trying to be safe during this stupid pandemic and then she died for unrelated reasons anyway. That pain will probably stay with me for a long time.

In the midst of my mom's passing, there was so much other grief to have as other people also became sick or passed as well. I know that's part of loving so many people so much, and being part of a global community. Again, there's darkness, but there's also light. Sometimes I wish I could control more of it, sigh.

I hope to be back here on the blog more. Social media is exhausting, it turns out, ha, but I still love telling stories and connecting with people, so I don't know what that means long-term, but short term, I'll try to get here more. I updated my Room to BE Yoga info page in case you want more yoga details!

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