Sunday, December 6, 2020

Cleaning the Bookshelf

Greetings! This year certainly...took a turn. 

For purposes of quick summary, things are pretty OK on my side of things. Hubby and I kept our jobs; I've been working mostly at home as of St Patrick's Day. I was able to bring my yoga studio online and have been teaching several classes a week over the Interweb. I finished up my 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in May and then also took a certification course for Accessible Yoga that wrapped up in October. Whew!

Basically, I'm online SO MUCH, but my creative energy has been very yoga-focused. In my downtime, I sleep as much as possible.


Anyway, part of my online time has been spent meeting with monthly groups for book clubs and 'stitch n bitch' time. At one of those events, I was set up in our dining room staring at my bookshelf. I started to draw it.

My bookshelf has been my metaphor for the year.

Our bookshelves are living, breathing spaces where the contents shift and grow all the time. 

Eventually the bookshelf is too cluttered, too dusty, too...out of control.

Then we have that day where we clear it off.
We re-organize, 
we decide what we maybe need to donate or re-shelve somewhere else.

At least, that's what I do. 

The pull to just buy more bookshelves is not as strong as it used to be.
I crave my space, my openness.
My availability.

So in these moments, with our bare bookshelf, we decide what still fits,
what we WANT to still fit and are willing to make room for.


Suddenly existing in a pandemic meant my bookshelf just got tipped over.
Suddenly the whole thing was empty,
and my books were all over the floor.

I let that shelf stay empty for awhile.

Over the course of months, I've started adding books back to it.
"Yoga" obviously is a pretty loud book.
"Being Outside Ever" was another one.
"Connecting with Friends and Family Somehow" pretty important.
"Finding ways to Perform my Humor" came back slowly.

My metaphorical bookshelf is starting to fill up again,
but differently this time.

These books are things I was able to pick from listening to my own self
and my own needs and cravings.

Not the things I did out of habit
or from just being too afraid to say 'no'
or what I thought other people would expect me to be doing.


The kicker, of course, is there is going to be a time where the bookshelf will need maintained again.

This cleaning and reorganizing never stops.

I think our challenge is to start clearing it as we feel a shift in the space that it is taking up. 

Rather than waiting until there's TOO much to de-clutter.

Happy Holidays!

Classy McG

PS. Most of my humor-performing is through my Minnie Driver's Many Mini Drivers sketch group and my Reels on my new yoga Instagram account.

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