Thursday, December 26, 2019

Things I Learned - 2019 Version

Hello, everyone! Long time no blog, I know!

It's funny that in my older age I'm learning how to process all of these FEELINGS in other ways than just rambling on my blog.

We watched a Michelle Wolf comedy special this weekend where she says that blogs are the conversations no one wanted to have with you, lol. FINE. I get it, I get it.

But this year was really eventful for me, physically, mentally, philosophically, etc etc etc. So I thought I'd just compile a list (in no particular order) of all the things that I learned from my time in 2019. And by "learned," I mean, "repeatedly got slapped over and over about and am finally starting to internalize as being important to remember and practice." Actual results still TBD on a lot of them:

1. There is so much value in doing nothing sometimes.

2. Quitting something but still investing mental energy in it is not really quitting. Don't kid yourself. Cut those ties.

3. Alcohol is not necessary to be liked/accepted and is actually very expensive when you start crunching numbers. Yikes.

4a. The more you keep fighting your body's natural way of functioning for you, the more miserable you will be. 
4b. Move your body how it WANTS to move. And if it wants to rest, let it rest.

5. Stop and consider WHY you've decided to do/believe something. Evalute stories you have been telling about yourself/the world. Everything starts neutral; it's our human baggage that assigns stories to everything, good/evil, helpful/harmful, etc. **This is my biggest 'just scratching the surface of the work I need to do' one right now.

6. Just research the thing yourself. Be mindful of the emotional labor you cause others. 

7a. Put even the 'maybe' events on your calendar to hold space for them. Always use your calendar. Even for the things you don't think you need on your calendar.
7b. Schedule some unstructured time for yourself if that's what it takes for you to make sure you have some unstructured time ever. Treat yourself like an important meeting.

8. You always THINK you are the best person for the job. You are...wrong about that a lot.

9. Your students trust your leadership. Trust yourself, too.

10. You can't prepare for literally every scenario. Be ready to throw your plans out the window. Meet your audience where they are. Don't blame them for not being open to your plans.

11. Everything takes longer than we think it will. Give yourself time/space to arrive to your destination safely.

12. Find a mentor, invest in a coach, go to therapy, find a support group. Get outside eyes looking at your life. They see the fullness of your journey more than your internal critic does.

13. Sometimes you have to throw some money at a nagging project/issue so you can move on.


My journey into 2020 so far is starting my 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training next. I'm in student mode at this point in my life, honing in on my passion (Yeah, I think I'm saying the 'passion' word!) to learn as much about teaching yoga to diverse bodies/populations as I can!

And creative writing is back on my radar again now that I can write yoga classes a little more quickly than when I started teaching back in May!

Thanks for still being here. The connections to our community are foundational in finding our own personal growth. Our community supports us every step of the way.



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