Sunday, March 3, 2019

Our Potholes, Our Selves

Kansas City is having a legit winter this year.
Snow, freezing snow water thundersleet, 
you name it.

Then the skies warm up for a few days,

melting most of the mess away.
And then the skies dump again,
further confusing the situation.

Due to erratic weather conditions, 

poor, not-well-maintained road construction,
or some combination of both those things,
KC has a huge pothole problem this year.

I, therefore, have a huge 
"complaining about potholes" problem this year.

This is my silly, "For Entertainment Purposes Only"
advice-of-the-month recommendation for you,
based on what particular fight you are having with the potholes.

"Ward Parkway pot holes are ruining everything!"
Your stubbornness to continue on the same path,
even when you know it hurts you,
is something you should examine more closely in other realms of your life.

What's keeping you from trying another path?
What are you afraid of?

Change IS difficult,

it takes so much adjustment,
so much trust in ourselves.

But we get so stuck in our ruts sometimes,

and those feelings spiral out in how we interact with others.

Examine where even the smallest change can be made.

See if that opens a new world of possibility.

"I keep hitting the potholes! My car is suffering! The repair bills are atrocious!"

Sometimes the path to our destinations
requires time and space to allow our safe arrival.

Why are we in such a hurry?
Why aren't we giving ourselves enough time to be ready for the unexpected?

When we're set on a goal, on our destination,

it's rarely an A-to-B type of journey.

We have to leave room for the detours,

the sudden stops.

We need to understand those little blips on our journey
are STILL part of our progress.
But we need to create the space for them to exist.

"The government is failing us! Where is all my tax money going?"

Do you often feel like everything should always go your way?
That somehow you deserve good fortune
because you are entitled to it somehow?

Existence is pretty unfair.
Or at least, ultimately pretty unbiased.

The value we place in ourselves and each other
and the expectations we place on institutions to protect us,
ultimately are only that, just values and expectations.
And very flawed ones at that.

Ideas and identities invented by humans

to try to force chaos into order,
to somehow protect ourselves from misfortune.

In your life, try to flip the narrative.

Try to practice not immediately trying to control others.
Try feeling your knee-jerk reactions,

acknowledging they exist,
and push them aside. 

Turn your work internally,
do something kind for yourself,
because you can only control yourself.

-C McG

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