Friday, November 2, 2018

Art Updates!

Hi, friends! I'll try to get back here more regularly, I hope you're still hanging on with me!

It's November now, so I'm trying my hand again at Art Every Day Month! It's always nice timing to remember my sketchbooks, and to just remember to take time for myself at home. I wasn't quite ready to dive into my sketchbook YET, but I didn't want that to keep me from getting started. I can always get there later. I'm posting daily over on my Instagram account, so follow me there!

I'm only performing twice this weekend, which is a nice break! I love doing improv comedy, but it's so draining, and I feel like my cleverness dwindles with each show if I don't get to recharge in between. If you are ever interested in seeing me perform in Kansas City, check out my new Classy Calendar page to see when you can catch me! I'll add shows as soon as they are booked! I promise I'll power through!

This past month, I've had the really cool opportunity to help my friends at Bird in the Middle by acting in their video sketches, which is another realm of scariness, but every time it happens, it gets a little easier, I think! They just released new Halloween-friendly sketches this past week, and I'm in two of them! Check them out! They have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to!

Happy November, I guess! 

And remember Election Day on November 6th! GO VOTE!!!

-C McG

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