Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July Events! AKA Where I Am All The Time Now


You've maybe noticed (maybe not, I won't judge)
that I don't do art shows much anymore 
now that I don't make hats or draw as much,
but I assure you


So productive, in fact, that I have FOUR invitations for you for July:

INDIE PLAYHOUSE - July 8 - This monthly show (2nd Sundays) was born from wanting more chances to just play with our art and showcase the silly things we're working on. We offer a different educational opportunity (workshop or panel discussion) during the afternoon, and at 7:00 we have a show that's open to the public. Often you'll see a student set from the workshop that afternoon and/or you'll see some amazing indie acts from around KC. This month, I'll be hosting and performing as part of the student set. I'm so excited to go learn a new format in the afternoon! ANYWAY, FB details are here; buy your tickets early to save a little cash!

AMERICA'S IMPROV TEST KITCHEN - July 14 - This monthly improv show (Second Saturdays) features all indie improv troupes who are looking for a chance to show what they've been working on! Teams range from acts debuting their sets for the first time to long-time improv veterans. A little something for everyone! Check out the details here!


KINDLING Improvised Movie - MTH Studio - FB Link here! -- You are probably seeing a trend here; I love doing improvised theatre now; that means that we just make up our words on the spot -- generally there's a shape to the story that we want to get to, but other than that, all the words are ours, for better or for worse. This is a movie that will be showing as part of Film on the Fringe in Crown Center -- The AC always works, free covered parking on the weekends, full bar in the lobby. Crown Center is a treat. Stop by and relax and watch a bunch of us nerds make up some funnies.

THE MAN IN MY BEARD - The Arts Asylum - FB Link here! So when I'm not doing improv, I'm still kinda doing improv -- in this case, I'm pleased to offer physical gags as part of this really absurd play about what happens when an unsuspecting janitor accidentally sets off some science. It's always a gift to be able to help Tara Varney and Bryan Colley bring their visions to life, and this year's no different. The Arts Asylum is a great destination venue this year, filled to the brim with musicals and art and accidental science, as mentioned. 


I hope you all are having a tremendous summer. 2018 has been a...ridiculous year for me; I'm growing so much in my improv practice, my yoga practice, and now I've seen "Nanette" by Hannah Gadsby on Netflix and now I'm questioning ALL the art I do, and how I can make it even more truthful and supportive of the world we are sharing together. Fuccccck.

Classy McG

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