Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dusting out the Interwebs

I've been extremely fascinated by
and occasionally swept up by
the act of de-cluttering.

De-cluttering is a healthy psychological act.
Clear your surroundings,
clear your mind.

Don't collect things.
Collect experiences.

Throw away things that don't give you joy.
Recycle recycle recycle.


We also collect a lot of media
on the Internet.

The most simple click of a "Like" button a business page,
and acceptance of a Friend request,
a nudge of the "Follow" option.

All these passive declarations of loyalty.


These feeds we collect,
they represent a little picture of who we are as a person
the day we start collecting.

Months, years down the line,
we scroll past things in our feeds
annoyed they are taking up our space.


I got a real bug up my ass a few weeks ago.

I have been practicing yoga for years
and collecting pages to support along the way.

What I suddenly began to realize
is that most pages were selling me yoga I had no interest in doing,
yogis I had no interest in being.

Impossible poses on the cliffs near a body of water.
Prohibitively expensive destination practices.
Daily challenges sponsored by various yoga companies and other online yoga personalities.

And I snapped.

And I found every page I followed,
and...cleaned house, I guess.

It's amazing what can happen to your mind
when the implausible possibilities,
the accidental shame-inducers
just vanish.


We don't need to cling to things
that don't reflect who we are anymore.

We can move on from friends who are no longer in our lives.

We can clear clutter for new businesses and projects.

"Hiding" the posts without leaving the people is fine,
but why?

Just let it go.

If you can do it with your social media accounts,
maybe you can finally learn to let things go in real life, too.

Make room for what you care about right now.

Those accounts will be there if you decide you need them again someday.

-C McG

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