Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Time to Begin is Now

In my self-discernment journey, you probably know that I've stumbled upon Gretchen Rubin and the Four Tendencies framework to help me figure out why I suck at meeting goals for myself (I'm an Obliger).

But what was extra-fascinating to me was also asking extra questions about how I LIKE to tackle projects/habits. These are our Distinctions.

One that is particularly relevant to how I tackle something especially scary/overwhelming is the question of "Are you an over-buyer or an under-buyer? You can take a little quizzy quiz here.

We can make so many excuses that we're not ready to start a thing,

that there's always a better time when we'll magically be more ready somehow.

You can spot an over-buyer from a mile away because they are the ones that insist they can only begin a new thing when they have the right supplies in hand.

They need the special running gear, books, videos, lamps, clothes, shoes, socks, etc etc and THEN they will attempt to go for a run. Maybe.

The artist will need the perfect pens, paper, paints, brushes,

perfect day
perfect muse.

And then they will be ready to create. Maybe.

My challenge is to just throw all that prep to the wind,
hear those moments when I feel compelled do something NOW,
and then make it work with what I already have.

You already have so much.

You already are so much.

Know you can always add more supplies later.


I started drawing mandalas this past month, which was super-fun.
In the penciling process, it became clear that I'd want to ink in my lines

and then erase all my pencil markings.

So I felt like I had EARNED a trip to the pen store to find the perfect pen for that task (but would also be a good pen to have for lots of other things)!

And now I use the pen all the time.

But I totally could have continued making art without it,

and that would have been OK, too.

-C McG

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