Wednesday, May 30, 2018


I just wanted to take a moment
to sing my joy
to share my love
to smile to the world.

I've been going to 5:00am classes at the gym since November.

It's finally sunny outside when I'm heading back home each morning.

It shifts my mood for my whole day.

The world feels alive
and ready
for what we're going to contribute today.

Everything's possible

when you can take a look at your neighborhood
before everyone else is awake
and in your way.

What should we add to the world today?
What can we hear calling to us 

in the calm moments
before the cars start
and the mowers start
and the world reminds us
that we need to calm down and fall into line?

What can we hear before we remember
that we have jobs and people to tend to,
meals to make, assignments to finish,

people to please?


I guess I'll go back to sleep
to rest up for the noise.

-C McG

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