Wednesday, April 25, 2018

No, We're Not There Yet

There's some cool psychology in the world that tells us 

if we're waiting on some perfect
event/opportunity/accomplishment to happen 
in order for us to be the human we need to be,

if we're hoping things will be different somehow
once we've reached our destination,

if we can finally try that new thing
as soon as we've accomplished this intermediate goal,

that just as soon as X happens, we'll be happy...

we're just kinda fucked.

And it has a name: Arrival Fallacy (Summaries: here and here and oof)

As we work toward goals,

our brain fills us with these...anticipatory feelings, 
the feelings that say to us, 
"This is how amazing it will definitely feel when I've accomplished this goal!"

We build the goal up so much

that when we finally get there,
it's never as amazing as we expected.

We don't get that rush of good feelings.

Usually, achieving the goal,
like with video games,
just unlocks some other fucking door
behind which contains new journeys to more goals all over again.

We're never done.

Slow down, enjoy the moments you are living now,

try not to get too hung up on the happiness you THINK you'll have later.

What if you never get there?

-C McG

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