Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Chase Yourself for Awhile

In the pursuit of finding better versions of ourselves,
I sometimes worry if we forget our core selves, you know?

We are already such vibrant, whole, tremendous bodies


What are we chasing?
What are we running from?

What are we rejecting?

Every new shiny thing we chase

is at the expense of something we already are.

Every new person we try to be

forgets the person we already are.

I don't know why we want to forget who we already are.

We're already enough.


I've tried to start letting go of things that are aimless pursuits.
Things that don't serve the person I am right now.

The 'new me?'
The 'best version of myself?'

MUST be someone who gives a shit about me.

That is absolutely my job.
I have to give a shit about me.

The sooner I do that, 

the sooner I'll be equipped to tackle the world.

Because I'll know that at the end of the day,

I chased myself for awhile,
and gave my already wonderful self
the tools,
the rest,
the love I needed.

-C McG

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