Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Give Yourself Time

Now that it's the end of January,
I thought I'd swoop in with some gentle words
in case you aren't happy with your accomplishments so far this year.

Give yourself some time.

Settling into a new habit is really difficult,

and it takes time to feel productive.

Our anger, our stress,

how we interact with others
fluctuates wildly depending on how much time we think we have
or how much time we feel like we should be spending...
spending doing pretty much anything.

The things we need to do take time.
They always take more time than we expect them to.

It's so annoying.

Preparing to move to a new home is the worst. It takes forever.
Think about how long it will take you to pack and clean,

and then add an extra week or two. 

At least.

Learning a new art form is so frustrating.
We are aware of how easily we fall into making the art

we've been practicing forever.
So, we assume that when something new is difficult,

it's only because we're bad at it.
We always forget there was a time we were learning;

a time where even our regular craft was difficult to do.

Give yourself time and space to learn, fail,

erase, pull out the stitches.

If it's something you really love doing,

it will click with you,
if you just give it enough time.

And give yourself a chance.

I've also learned that we can't control the traffic.
And the times we're angriest on the road

are when we haven't given ourselves enough time
to reach our destinations.

Just give yourself some time.

-C McG

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