Friday, November 24, 2017

Holidays and Gentle Reminders

I'm not really into holidays, but I do sure get quite a break from regular life when holidays are declared and our offices close and people take vacations.

So I get to spend a lot of time immersed in thoughts;
just catching up with myself.

Usually by this time of year, I've felt the weight of my over-commitments
and my attitude of waiting to rest until everyone else is taken care of.

This year has been a practice of finding more of those holidays,
those restful times.
In hopes that my year-end isn't one giant melt down where I resolve to be different next year.
We can always find time to rest; we can always start our resolutions now.


I've been practicing yoga on and off for about 10 years now.
In the past few years, it's been more on than off
which is a good thing for me.

I think what keeps bringing me back
is yoga is a very self-centered practice.

It's the few moments in my week that I slow down and notice what my body does for me,
what I am able to do for myself.
To thank myself for always showing up.

In that spirit, I want you to say these words to yourself,
to remind yourself
as often as you need it.


I am so grateful for you.

I'm grateful you always show up
even when it's difficult to do.

I'm grateful you allow yourself to cry
even when it's embarrassing to do.

I'm grateful that you care
even when it's easier not to.

I'm grateful for your place in this world
even when it's not always easy to see.

I'm grateful for the times you choose to rest
even when it feels selfish.

I'm grateful for your connection to others
even when it's easier to work alone.

Everything you are doing
is something that needs to be done.

Until it's not anymore,
and I'm grateful you recognize when that time comes
even if it's the difficult decision to make.

Hold your loved ones close,
hold yourself even closer.

If you could see in you
half of what your loved one see in you,
you probably wouldn't need these words.

But here they are,
just in case you need them.

-C McG

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