Sunday, November 12, 2017


What a word, right? De-cluttering.

We have so much STUFF in our world,

physical and mental.

It's just STUFF.
Always present,

always getting in your way of progress.

I started The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin this weekend on the recommendation of a friend. So far the book is lots of gentle reminders of shit I already know (Hell, stuff I've already blogged about!). I'm hoping at SOME point, the information will click and I'll be able to tackle a STUFF reorganization for myself.

As I head through her writing, I'll probably take lots of notes. Writing things down helps solidify their content in my brain.

Here's a summary of her words about the KINDS of clutter we encounter as we deal with home:

And here's a picture of how I feel most of the time:

So, like with everything else we try to tackle in the world, 
we've gotta start somewhere.

Personally, I always need to mentally de-clutter,
try to let go of nagging, burdensome thoughts
about myself
about a hectic week
about a thing I did wrong
my self-doubt

before I can even give a pile of papers a second thought.

We've gotta start somewhere, though.

Good luck! Also, if you've read any of Gretchen's works, I'm curious to know what you think and what you've learned!

-C McG

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