Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We're Not Computers

Hi, just some ramblings this week. Sorry there's no drawing yet. Some days I'm very sure we're computers; that we are wired and programmed and need re-booting and battery charging to ensure longevity. But that's too simple today, I think. So anyway. Take care of yourselves. - C McG


The greatest struggle we have
as we slowly start to understand the nature of things

is realizing that we're non-binary.

We're not computer programs.

Everything that happens,
everything we are

can't be written off as,
"Oh, the only options are
this or that."

Solving the world's problems,
solving ourselves

doesn't boil down to,
"Well, we either do this or that."

Understanding each other's lives,
understanding ourselves

isn't answered by claiming,
"You are either this or that."

But our brains really want it to be that way.
Our brains want it to be simple.
Do this or do that.

You're either good all the time
or evil all the time.

Man or woman.

Rich or poor.

Mine or theirs.

Us or them.

Do this always to be saved.
Avoid that always or be condemned.

You know every time you mess up,

there were circumstances;
really valid excuses.

When you win, it's because you're great.

When you lose, it's because someone else fucked up.


Remember a long time ago,
when we used to stay in our same little communities forever,
and the only people we ever knew
were the people physically closest to us?

The people that looked most like us?

The people who behaved most like us?

The people who worshipped most like us?

That upbringing solidified our thinking that's how people are supposed to be.

Any other version of existence must be wrong somehow.

At the very same time,
every other person was having that same experience
in their own community.

That maybe didn't look like yours.

That maybe didn't behave like yours.
That maybe didn't worship like yours.

And your life experience means nothing to them, either.

Now that we KNOW our experience isn't the only one,

we're arrogant to continue thinking that ours is still the best.

The people that look like us are the best.

The people that behave like us are the best.
The people who worship like us are the best.

I have pity for you,

if your family, your only true loves
start and stop right there.

Starts and stops at the people who look like you, 

behave like you, 
and worship like you.

Because that makes you a harmful human.

Every breath you speak, every vote you cast,

every act of preservation

is rooted in selfishness.

That's not how I want to experience this world.


We're not computers.

We don't operate as lines of code

where if X is true, then Y happens.

Where every click has a predictable destination.

It'd be nice and easy, sure.
It would confirm all our beliefs and actions.

Or maybe we ARE like that.

But we're just really bad at seeing what good and evil truly look like.

- C McG

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