Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Year of Improv

August is a fun new anniversary month for me. It's the anniversary of when I started practicing improv for-realsies.

I've invested money, showed up to classes and workshops, participated in jam sessions and student shows, paid for coaching, showed up to every other improv show I possibly could, read blogs ('studying' improv is still something I'm working on, lol).

This week, we celebrated my 4th student show (5th for the rest of my class) through KC Improv Company AND had our debut performance with my new indie troupe, The Jerries.

I'll dedicate this blog post to what life lessons I'm learning (and forever practicing) through doing improv:

1) Just say what you mean. You'll be stuck in circles of stagnant confusion and misunderstanding if you don't just declare your intent. Especially now in a culture where we communicate primarily over text messages. Be clear, be honest, get to the point as soon as you can so you can all move forward together.

2) Your brain is an asshole. I probably don't have to elaborate a whole lot here, but in case you need the reminder, your brain will always trick you into thinking you are terrible and have bad ideas or you don't deserve to exist with the people who love you. Fuck you, brain.

3) Use your safety nets. No matter what happens, you are surrounded by a team of friends, family, and cohorts that want you to succeed, and will still love you and help you if you don't. Try not to blindside people entirely, but feel comforted in knowing you can take a risk and you WILL be caught before you fall flat.

4) Nobody remembers all your mistakes like you do. Forgive yourself. Move on as quickly as possible.

Here's to another year of living silly ;-)

And here's a drawing I made based on a convo some characters had in our set Friday night.

- C McG

PS. Our next Jerries performance is Saturday, September 23rd, 7:00 at the Buffalo Room in KC. We'll be one of the few wonderful troupes playing at Improv Test Kitchen.

PPS. Bless you, husband Tim, KCIC Training Center folks, Bobby, Kelly Jerry, Dorothy Jerry, Katherine Jerry, Steph Jerry, other Tim, Greydon, and everyone else still around for being ridiculously beautiful humans in my life.

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