Sunday, July 16, 2017

Always Practicing

I think the scariest thing
AND the most comforting thing
about finding our place in our existence

is getting to that place where we know
there is no perfect expert endgame
to anything we do.

We're perpetually practicing.

When we make that decision
to be an artist
to be fit
to eat a certain way
to worship
to work
to grow into the fullest version of ourselves,

what we're really doing
is committing to practice.

I practice my art,
I practice yoga,
I practice running,
I practice vegetarianism,
I practice love.

I say we are all practicing humans.


It's scary because we're never done.
We have to keep working
and growing and changing.

We practice listening to what the universe is asking of us.
What our friends are asking of us.
What our bodies are asking of us.
What love is asking of us.

Because there's no definition of 'finished.'

And the world continues on
whether or not we want it to.

And a way we've practiced before
may not always be the way to practice moving forward.


It's comforting because we are allowed to make mistakes
to have off days
to fall sometimes.

I celebrated my 10th anniversary of practicing vegetarianism in June.

I've eaten a lot of accidental ham in the meantime.

But the idea of practice says
that we plug on with our best efforts,
our best intentions,

and we stumble and UNDERSTAND that we stumbled,
and we practice how to not do that again in the future.

As we become closer and closer to each other on Earth,
our feminism practice, or our justice and peace practice,
or our equality practice, or our love practice
can get turned on its head.

As we immerse ourselves in the practice
of listening and believing and understanding and CARING
how other people experience this world,
the best thing we can do
is breathe in this new information
and apply it to our practice.

Even if we realize we've been practicing wrong.

- C McG

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