Thursday, February 23, 2017

Our Other Job

[Possible drawing to come with this one later, but I just wanted to start writing today]

Today I was wandering around my office building,
lost in thoughts about how I'm on another weight-loss kick.

Committing to a weight loss plan is a bit like having a full time job.

You have to show up
clock in
make progress
stick to your to-do lists
meet performance goals
every freaking day.

And maybe you'll get some kind of promotion,
a reward,
acknowledgment for all of your hard work.

Eventually, if it's not something you truly love,
you'll quit,
you'll find other places to work,
or maybe you won't.

The exhausting part about weight-loss plans
is that you never really get to quit.

You are stuck in this job forever
if you want the benefits.

And there might be other jobs out there,
but you are ALWAYS working.

Or you aren't.
And then you are failing.

Or! You had a really amazing reason for quitting
in the first place.
You found another job that was a great fit
and you are in love
and the benefits are amazing
and you totally get along with everything.

So far, I'm just plugging away.
Haven't found anything better.
No magical inheritance.
No winning lottery numbers.

Would love to quit
but that's not an option.

Some days, that just makes me really tired to think about.
Today is one of those days.

Because we also have our real-life jobs to do.
And our relationships to maintain. 

And appointments to keep.

-C McG

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