Sunday, January 22, 2017


The Women's March on Washington showed me lots about our existence in the world right now.

1) Our lives are very global now. People around the world know what the US is up to, and they are pulling for us. 

2) There are definitely a lot of folks that need to leave their houses and actually MEET and learn to love these other cultures who are just big oogy-boogies they see on Fox News. They are living, breathing, humans, just like you. Just like me. They live, breathe, love, raise families, work, laugh, just like you and I do. When I moved to Kansas City, I was treated to the greatest gift of diversity and inclusion in my silly little existence. There are so many people that need our love, not our fear and anger. My existence is not more special than anyone else's.

3) We sure saw a lot of white people like me out and about at the Women's March, and there's a lot of commentary about what that means.

I'm thinking that being in the 'Already-Privileged-Just-By-Existing' category, it really is our responsibility to be the loudest at sharing the messages of those with no voice. We look awfully silly and petty doing our white-people standing and smiling politely and selfies shit, but we're showing up. We're nearly guaranteed safety when we rally, which is pretty unfair to our minorities who rally and cry on a daily basis. But if the people in the room will listen to to someone like ME, then we need to freaking be there. We are pledging to show up for you.

4) Look, if you are are a woman, and you aren't on board with the feminist movement, think really hard about why you can sit around in jeans and sweatshirts and have jobs and be able to even VOTE your feminist dissent. It's because of the feminists that came before you that decided your voice was as important as a man's voice. Don't use your voice to hold others down because you are afraid of not being as special anymore.

-C McG

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