Saturday, December 31, 2016

Love is ALWAYS in Fashion 2016 Wrap-Up

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to stop by and say a gigantic THANK YOU for a successful year of Classy Fundraising.

Team Classy McGraceful raised $1000 for AIDSWalk Kansas City in April this year, and I've just concluded my Love is ALWAYS in Fashion fundraising season (September - December). 

With $5 from every hat sale being donated to Kansas City Anti-Violence Project AND a few extra financial donations to the cause, I'm happy to report that you helped me raise $550 for KCAVP!

Thank you to my friends Megan, Ryan, and Kate for contributing hats to the cause. Thanks to Natasha of Ok, Sew for contributing from your sales, too! ALSO thanks to Downbeat Coffee + Tea for selling hats for me. You can visit them anytime this winter and pick out a hat if you still need one.

Honorable mention goes to my handful of beautiful friends who just won't stop buying hats from me.

I'm not sure what 2017 will bring. I desperately need a break to work on what I want Classy to look like moving forward. I hope to be working on the blog a lot more. I'll still make hats, but not to the extent I've been doing over the past several years (this was my 5th year of hat fundraising).

You'll be hearing from me again soon!



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