Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Classy Cat

Hi! I'm really sorry I'm not posting as much as I should lately. 
Once hat season is over, I'll be back. 

You might remember
I've been spending this year
trying to take my comics up a notch,
either by adding more panels,
or just actually learning how to draw the things I'm drawing.

This month, I did my first pet portrait
from a really awesome picture on my phone. 

Everyone, this is Miles Davis.

I used my very limited coloring skills

(and fancy Prismacolor pencils)
and landed at a birthday greeting for Miles'sss mom, Cari Ann.

Because seriously, what do you get the gal that has it all?
A handmade portrait of her cat, apparently.
Because I'm seven.

Miles seemed to like it OK.

-C McG

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