Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Find Strength

You know,

at the end of the day,
when it all comes down to it,

I think all we ever really want

is to feel strong.

Strong in our will.
Strong in our convictions.
Strong in our faiths.
Strong in our knowledge.

Strong in our bodies.

To be so steadily held

and supported.

So full of purpose.

Whether it's mental or physical strength,

this strong feeling
carries us.

It carries us to the next meeting,
the next meal, the next conversation,
the next class, the next story,
the next hug, the next smile,
the next hour, the next day.

The next blog post.
The next comic.
The next.


It's been hard for me to write lately.
I'm overcome by weakness.
These feelings pass.
It's rarely anything specific.
I'm just not feeling strong.

I think of campfires.
When they are fed, they shine so brightly.

When their fuel runs low,
they shrink.
They dim.
They sputter.

I don't create well when I'm sputtering,
almost to the point of being smoke.

So, I look for kindling anywhere I can.
I show up to the gym,

I go to a play,
I take a class,
I watch TV,
I see my friends,
I hide from my friends,
I cry,
I laugh,
I sleep.


the fire is bright again.

The light glows,

the flames dance,
and everything is warm
and strong.

The fire is itself again.

-C McG

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