Friday, August 19, 2016

Back to the Gym 2 - Meeting People

Welcome to Part 2 of my Gym series. Here's Part 1 in case you missed it.

TL;DR: Signed up to go to the gym again, and I'm panicking a bit in ways that I need to just laugh at and move on.


I always spend the first few times at the gym
just wandering,
looking at the machines,
looking at how people use the machines,
before finally circling up and settling on one to use myself.

Like when a dog won't just pick a spot to lie down.

I understand how to use treadmills,

so that's usually where I start.

The first time I visited this gym,

there was a man lifting weights at the machines behind the treadmill.

I thought,
"Oh God, my giant ass will be in his face.
He will drop his weights.
He will laugh at me.
He will die from dropping weights on himself."

I spent the first few minutes walking to warm up, like I do,

fully expecting him to just stop what he was doing
and move somewhere else.
But he just kept lifting, like he does, I presume.

I started running, and ran for awhile!...
before knocking my phone off the stand
and watching it smack the belt and go flying off the back.

I don't run THAT fast,

so it landed only a foot or so behind the treadmill.
The weight-man stopped, picked up the phone and handed it to me,
and then went back to lifting.

He lifted the whole time I ran in front of him.




Social media scares me a lot.

I'm waiting for my time to be the subject of a 
Hatestagram or a Hatechat post
that shows the world how gross I am at the gym.

But I think for the most part,

the other folks at the gym are a little insecure, too.
And they are not that focused on anyone else.

Maybe, if nothing else,
I can happily putz on that treadmill
and help some other new person know
that treadmills are for anyone.

Just don't stand too close to me, 

or risk me accidentally throwing something at you.

-C McG

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