Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to the Gym 1 - Learning the Moves

Hi, all! I've been athletically absent for awhile.

I fully advocate for taking rests,
re-evaluating life plans,
finding new habits
whenever it's necessary.

I've spent the better part of the last...year or so
just lying around.

Very tired.
Very unmotivated.

You probably know from Instagram that I've been practicing yoga during this time.
It's still amazing.
I still practice almost every day.

But that's not usually all my fitness entails.
None of my pants talk to me anymore.

I'd like to rekindle our relationship.

So, I started a new gym membership.

I had forgotten how awkward going to the gym is.

As a result, I'm putting together a mini-series
devoted to finding joy at the gym.
Which is next to impossible, I know.

It'll be a fun challenge.
I hope you enjoy it!

And maybe you'll find your bravery
to work out in front of people again, too.


Learning the Moves

Every exercise has a counter-exercise.
Every grapevine that goes right
will come back to the left.

Every standing balance on your right leg
will come back to your left leg.

It's all very repetitive.
You never do a move just once.

Every day you are different.
Every day your balance is different.

Moves you did yesterday
will laugh at you today.

Parts you couldn't reach last week
will magically connect next week.

There is balance.
There is repetition.
There is practice.

Those three pieces are what makes perfect.

Not the final move.
Not the peak pose.

Just showing up
to balance
to repeat
to practice.

That itself is perfect.

-C McG

PS. I'm still mostly dancing into the wall in Zumba class, but my grapevines are immaculate. Like they were forged from the heavens on the creator's most splendid of drunken practical joke-making days.

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