Monday, July 18, 2016

Kicking and Screaming

Hey, how about you do that thing?

You know,

the one you know you are supposed to be doing
to stay well
and sane?

What's keeping you?
Why the delay?

Yeah, no, I totally get it.

I've been assigned multiple physical therapy exercises to do.
They make me so happy when I do them.
I get (lovingly) lectured if I don't.
And I still hurt.


I've put myself back on diets over and over again.

I'm so happy when my pants fit.
I cry when they don't.
I know what to do!

Will we ever learn?

I'm here to be your spokesperson.

For all the things we should be doing
and won't.

I'll send you reminders.
I'll bug you endlessly.


Better you than me.

-C McG

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