Thursday, July 14, 2016

KC Fringe is Here Again...and Other Ramblings

Hey, team! I hope your July has been amazing so far.

Here in KC, it seems to keep storming over night 

and making trees fall all over the place,
so that's exciting and fun.

This is our back yard right now (Don't worry, someone's coming to clean it up, we're OK).

When NOT panicking about trees falling,
we're diligently gearing up for this year's KC Fringe Festival.
It's a beautiful, messy, wonderful 11-day arts festival
that includes performance, dance, visual, spoken word, music,
silly, serious, ridiculously fun art.

This year, the KC Fringe Festival runs July 21-31.

The opening night party on the 21st is a crazy event where you sit and watch teasers for as many shows as they can cram into the event. This kinda helps you pick out shows you'd like to see. Join us at the Folly Theater! Event info is here.

If you, like a lot of people I love in my life, 
are saying, "Classy, just tell us where you'll be and we'll be there,"
this is my answer for that:

Baddest Auditions
produced by Whim Productions
Facebook Event Page
Fringe Show Page

This is a non-rehearsed show of, uh, bad auditions.
A lot of really fun actors come together
to do the auditions they can't do in real life ;-)

This year I was invited to stage manage them.
You should come watch me to see if I handle them well.

Mimi Dafoe: Confessions of an Aging Starlet
Produced by Whim Productions
Facebook Event Page
KC Fringe Show Page

A film student is granted an interview of a retired movie star who has been a total recluse for the past 10 years. It's witty and dark and a whole lot of drama, because that's how these stories go...

It's been such a pleasure to work with this team as their stage manager. 
You won't see me ON stage for this one, but I'll be scuttling around backstage. :-)

Both Whim Productions shows are in the same venue -- Musical Theatre Heritage on the 3rd floor of Crown Center (formerly the Off-Center Theater space). Full bar, and we'll be on the movie theater half of the space. The wonderful volunteers will point you in the right direction.

You can also see my beautiful husband playing in the Mighty Mo Jazz Combo at Unicorn Theater. Midnight Voyage info is here. Due to my aforementioned schedule, I'll be attending Saturday the 24th.

OK! I hope you'll get Fringe-y with me this year!

-C McG

PS. Here's a doodle I made yesterday for my #100daysofcomicstudy. I'll post more art soon. 

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