Friday, July 29, 2016

100 Day Project 2016 Wrap-Up -- Reflections

Hello, all.

This wrap-up email is very anti-climatic,
I apologize.

This year's 100 Day Project
and 100 Days of Comic Study
were so exciting for me.

I created a lot of new things
that have made me more brave
about the art I'm capable of making.

I've learned new ways to tell stories.

And I also know I've only scratched the surface.

Around day 75 or so, 
I let myself get overwhelmed by the tragedy in the world.
Those extreme scenarios that broke all of us instantly.
I spent a lot of time being too paralyzed to create.

Creating something
in those moments
felt like 
I was trying to add voices
to a world that didn't need to hear mine.
Not then, anyway.

There are only so many fart jokes
and so much self-deprecating you can do
when it feels like it's time to listen.

KC Fringe Festival started,
and I felt weird promoting my shows
and sharing things that were just normal operations for me.
I didn't want to draw attention away from the tragedies.

A couple weeks ago, we received a piece of mail
addressed to So-and-So "Or Current Resident."

It was interesting enough that I opened it.
It was a Camel smokes reward pack;
I guess you buy packs and send in the bar codes
or whatever.

Then you earn prizes.

This particular prize
encouraged creativity.

It was a tiny canvas
and one of those fancy acrylic paint markers.
You shake them up and then just draw with it.

I opened my sketch book and started playing.

People seems to respond well to a frustrated scribble I posted earlier this month:

So, I continued playing with that idea
and scribbled 4 new pieces with it.

And now I feel a little more...
free, I think.

I got to express *something.*
I got to shake out a loose pipe that had lost its flow.

I'm ready to get back to my art projects again
once Fringe is over and everyone else's projects are done.

This past 100 days has seen some of my best work
and my longest silences.

I hope to be back really soon.


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