Sunday, June 12, 2016


I don't know why this comic happened.

Well, I do know, I guess.
I was sitting in a hotel room
watching Food Network,
like I do,
and I was hearing chefs introduce their credentials
and many of them said they are "self-taught."

And I started flailing about what that actually MEANS,
because really, we don't learn things in a vacuum.

Just because we didn't take a formal class
or get a degree or certificate of participation.

Our knowledge probably comes from something!

So, tells me:

1. taught to oneself or by oneself to be (as indicated) without the aid of a formal education:
self-taught typing; a self-taught typist.

2. learned by oneself:
a self-taught mastery of the guitar.


In case you can't tell,
I'm also self-taught, technically.
Web comic-wise, anyway.

What I struggle with is
whether or not 
it's something
to actually

A hundred years ago
I took writing classes,
I took some drawing classes,
but what you see here today,
I'm not sure you'd be able to tell that.

But that's OK.

I will say that the decision to
just make art
in any medium
is simultaneously
freeing and paralyzing.

Formal training can make us feel pressured
to meet expectations of what good, acceptable art should look like.

On the flip-side, NO training can mean
you don't really know where you should begin.

You just know you have a story to tell.


Just dive in anywhere.

As you work,
you'll decide which parts bring you the most joy,
give you the best feedback,
and you can tweak from there.

If you feel like you are really stuck,
or lacking a skill to take your art to the next level,
then look at some more training.

For my sake,
please don't make the excuse that
you can't try making art
because you never learned how.

Sometimes, you are all the teacher you need.

(Also, YouTube videos. They are also very good).

Ultimately your story is your story,
no matter what it sounds/looks/tastes like.
No amount of experts, scholars, nay-sayers
can take that away from you.

-C McG

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