Tuesday, June 28, 2016


What's cool about practicing new good habits
is that they finally become routine.

You feel weird when you DON'T do the thing.

It takes awhile to build up a good routine,
but they also have their own ways
of disappearing out from under your nose.

I spend a lot of time getting things just as I like them,
in the easiest-to-administer way
with my favorite brands
in my favorite cups
with my favorite music
at my favorite time.

With my favorite friends

at my favorite class
with my favorite weights
near my favorite treadmill.

On my favorite day
with my favorite weather
and my favorite circumstances.

THEN I'm in the ZONE, y'all.

Then things happen.


And I yell to the universe,

And you pack your own less-favorite food,
in maybe your less-favorite cup,
and put up with your less-favorite music
at whatever freaking time you can get the rest of your shit together.

And you hang out with your less-favorite workout friends

at your less-favorite class
with your less-favorite weights
near any freaking treadmill you can figure out how to work the buttons how does this thing even work, what do you have to do to turn it on? Is it poison? What fresh hell is this?

And you find some moment on your less-favorite day
with your less-favorite weather
with your less-favorite circumstance of having to explain to everyone why you have to suddenly disappear right now or you will die from fat and lazy awfulness sent to you by a cold, indifferent universe.


In short, I've decided that routines are meant for home.

We can take pieces of our routine with us, of course.
We can still remember to drink lots of water
and go for a walk, maybe.

Or, we can make new routines and habits for our traveling/holiday selves.

The hardest part, I think,
is remembering to go back to our home routines
after we've been away from them for so long.
They're always there waiting for us,
our favorite foods
our favorite cups
our favorite music
our favorite times
our favorite friends
our favorite classes
our favorite weights
our favorite treadmgod help me if anyone takes my treadmill when i want to use it everyone just back off right now.

- C McG

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