Friday, June 24, 2016

Embracing Encouragement

Today is Day 67 of #the100dayproject, and my specific #100daysofcomicstudy for Instagram. My introduction post is here.

This year, I'm working toward a goal of more long-form comic storytelling,
which is great,
but obviously,
because I have one specific task, 
I'm wholeheartedly avoiding it
and working on other things.

This comic here finally represents a middle-ground
between the full 10-to-12-page comic
and my usual single-panel comics.

This is good practice for me, and it fits the theme of the big comic I'm slowly working on.

This month in particular, I'm fighting with lack of motivation.

Sometimes my brain is totally on board
and has an idea
and everything is great,
except I can't get it to turn into something worth putting on paper.

So, we just keep trying.

-C McG

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