Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sketchbook Comics - Narrator Bubbles

Greetings, all! 

I'm just stopping by with another post for my #100daysofcomicstudy project. In case you are just joining me, I'm in the midst of The 100 Days Project over on Instagram, and this year I chose to spend these 3+ months diving into longer forms of storytelling through comics. It mostly still looks like me being silly in my sketchbook.

Ultimately, I suppose I'll have enough material for one longer story, but I'm really enjoying these, well, comic strips, I guess, for now.

I spent yesterday and today working on this comic below. It wasn't difficult to draw or anything, but I just left off yesterday not knowing how I'd finish it.

I finally came up with my answer in the car today.

In the textbook I'm following, the assignment is to use all the "perspective" practice I did to draw a multi-panel comic using only man-made structures (no nature scenes, no characters), and just tell the story through perspective and narration bubbles, I guess.

The perspective drawing isn't really clicking with me yet, and I have no patience, so I made up my own assignment. Typically I draw a one-panel comic that can stand on its own, but then I'll also write a story or poem to go with it. This time, I drew the story in the comic to see what I thought of it.

Learning Points:
1) I need to make bigger panels for these kinds of comics.
2) I like the challenge of breaking the lines apart and figuring out what to draw with each line.
3) Shrug? I don't know.

-C McG

PS. If you are in Kansas City, come visit me at Planet Comicon at the Kansas City Convention Center on May 20-22, 2016!

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