Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sketchbook Comics - Creative Blocks

My Day 13 submission for #100daysofcomicstudy is me drawing what I read about in my coursebook. I'm still jotting notes about things I'd like to incorporate into the long comic, but that's not very exciting for an Instagram post today.

Visit my Instagram to see all of my posts for #the100dayproject. I don't post on this page every day.

My ode to Creative Blocks:

Learning Points:
1. Sad hair is the best.
2. If you are having a creativity crisis, do lots of research to learn something new to write/draw/sing about, or to deepen your knowledge of stuff you are already art-ing about.
3. If you are having a confidence crisis, journal, free-write, just keep art coming out of your fingers. There will be lots of terrible stuff, but eventually your brain will shut up and the good stuff will find its way out.

-C McG

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