Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Big Pond - Planet Comicon Kansas City

Hey, all! I just wanted to stop by and say hello (Hello!).

I'm currently traveling for work and won't be in Kansas City until it's time to be at Planet Comicon.

Because of this, I finished preparing my booth kit and packing my merch yesterday.

This is the first night in about a month that I haven't been working toward preparing for the event.

If you are planning to attend, the Program Guide is going to be your best friend. This THREE-DAY event is this Friday-Sunday, May 20-22. Kansas City Convention Center.

I'll be parked in Artists Alley, booth 2834 (see fuzzy star below). 

There are just...thousands of booths at this thing. Literally thousands.

I've pretty much built my entire existence up to this point

on the love and smiles of people I know really really
really really well.

This weekend, I join the masses
of strangers
and thousands of bad-ass artists.

I get to see what it's like to be in a pretty large pond.

At least this little fish is over by the BrickLab. And Tapcade. And the Hulk statue.

In the meantime, here's one of my #100daysofcomicstudy comics I made this week.

-C McG

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