Monday, April 18, 2016

Guilt-Free Foods Diet

I spend a lot of time on the Internet.

I've learned two basic things about dieting from the Internet:

1) You cannot make amazing beautiful life changes out of shame, self-hate, guilt, or any such nonsense and expect long-term, lasting, loving, healthy results, and

2) You should totally be shameful, self-hating, guilty, and every such nonsense if you are fat. Get off the Internet and stop being fat right now.


"I'll change when I'm ready," is a very important statement.

And you need to trust people when they say that to you.

People get ready to take on major changes on their own schedules.
They need to prepare.
They need to find motivation.
They need to approach this change
from a place of
and love.

I know it's our nature to want to yell at people,

call them lazy,
anything we need to do to "encourage" them to change,
to be like us.

To do what we're doing.

We should know better. 
We know there are psycho/social/bio/socio-economic
barriers to creating a plan
and carrying through with it.

But it is NOT your job to tell someone to change.

It is NOT your job to tell someone they are lazy
or stupid
or failing
because they aren't changing on your terms.

we'll be ready.
And we'll implement our plan.

On our terms.

So yeah, I'm going to eat some pizza now.

Because today just isn't my day yet.

And you should, too.

If that's what you want.

-C McG

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