Sunday, March 27, 2016

Chapters - And a Vacation from My Brain

Greetings, all!

Today's post celebrates transitions,

new chapters,

Blah blah blah.

I've been creating content for this ridiculous blog for about 4 years now,
which I'll continue to do, probably forever.

But I decided this would be a great time to punctuate the work I've done so far
so I can start the next phase of art I'd like to create.

To this end, I introduce you to
Classy McGraceful: A Vacation from my Brain

This short, simple book is a collection of comics and stories that most represent the work of Classy in the most cohesive way I could muster.

There are 33 comics featured, a whole SEVEN of them are brand new for the book! There are also several of my poem story things, whatever you want to call them.

This is a great opportunity to hold some of your favorite Classy-isms in the palm of your hands for you to enjoy, flail at, or color on if you feel so inclined. Whatever makes you happy, OK?

You can pick up your copy from me in person, or you may order it from my profile on Lulu. All sales of the book help me pay for the book (of course), but also help keep moving Classy forward to keep creating art, buying yarn for hats, and giving back to the community.

Thank you so much for following me to this point, and hello if we're just finding each other. I'm so very lucky to have you in my life to get me out of my brain and actually do something productive.

There are many shenanigans for you to check out here,
and many more shenanigans to come.

C McG (and Jill)

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