Monday, February 8, 2016

Highway Driving

This weekend I got to visit my favorite lady-friend at her new home. It was my first road trip in the new car we bought last summer, so I finally got to test it out on the highways for a long time. It went very well, thank you for asking.

I've spent a lot of my adult life driving through the voids of the Midwest to various family members and friends as we've all scattered ourselves across this beautiful country.

I enjoy every second of our time together,

far away from the obligations of work and my own dishes.

Then I have to sit in the car and drive BACK after that wonderfully exhausting time. For all that driving, I still haven't mastered the way to make the drive back home to life not completely suck. Great music, great conversation, better time of day, more coffee, doesn't make the time move any more quickly.

I'm complaining, but not really.

I still got to see my people.
So it's worth it.

-C McG

PS. This was my friend who bought my "Also-Ran" comic, so I got to see it displayed lovingly and prominently in her new home. In case you want some more reading, here's when I originally talked about it.

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