Friday, January 1, 2016

Just 45 Minutes

Welcome to 2016, friends. 

This past holiday season definitely shone light on the fact
that I need to take a year off of being some sort of
bright new shiny improved me.

Beginning on an exact date.

With whimsy and theatrical flair.

A lot of resolutions I read about,
"Next year I will BE/DO this!"
were things the person could have just done
right then and there
while the fire
the passion
was there.

December 1st Classy had hopes and dreams.
December 31st Classy just needs to stop signing up for things.

I guess that's a resolution, too.

I made a massive to-do list while waiting for the bus yesterday, December 31st.

Most of the things on the list I could knock out in, like, 45 minutes.

I started working through the list on December 31st. 
Not some magical begin date,
just when I knew I needed to begin.

I feel that way about gifts, too.
You COULD wait 'til the predictable moment of Christmas
or birthdays to make your grandiose gesture.

But really, the truest you
acts in those off-moments.

What you do in the quiet days,
the uneventful days,
the unexpected days.

So, once I get through this monster list,
I'll probably get back to my regularly-scheduled dieting.
And signing up for too many things.

I'll keep brainstorming how to surprise you, though.

Keep on being the beautiful YOU that you are,

each and every day.

-Classy McG


  1. "Celebrate reasonable expectations today!" That is so meaningful to me!!!

    1. Happy New Year to you! Even the smallest commitments...well, they are still commitments. They don't have to be magical, just meaningful :-)