Saturday, December 19, 2015

Love is ALWAYS in Fashion -- Haturday Update

Greetings, friends and loved ones! I hope all is well in your world.

I just wanted to stop by and let you know how my hat fundraising for Mid America Freedom Band went.

I began donating $5 from every hat sold to MAFB beginning September 1. I dragged my hats to 10 events, a few one-off sales, and finally to my "Love is ALWAYS in Fashion" installation at the MAFB holiday concerts this past weekend. 

This is what was left beginning day 2 of my installation.

I recruited my friend Megan to make and sell hats with me this year, and she did her own sales/events, and donated some hats to my installation.

So thanks to her, the tremendous support of the MAFB entourage of loyal hat-buyers, my friends who donate yarn and continue buying hats from me every year, I got really close to my $400 fundraising goal!

I got SO close, that I COMPLETELY surpassed it and raised $500 for MAFB.

Phwew, y'all.


No matter the fashion trends at the time,

love is ALWAYS in fashion.

-C McG

PS. If you now have your very own Classy hat you'd love to model for us, make sure to connect with me on Twitter or Instagram - @classymcg - or on Facebook and use the tag #myclassyhat. I would love to include you in my Classy Hat Album!

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