Sunday, November 8, 2015


So, the fun part about having this at-least monthly blog with you guys 

is that you pretty much get to see all my ups and downs in any given month. 

I'm very down at the moment.
Or, I was when I started drawing this comic anyway.

I was so down I couldn't even finish it.
It's hard for me to draw something without *some* fun resolution.

This year I'm really facing my reality
that my brain is still really wired to be Fat Classy.
Any distraction,
and spare moment of freedom
takes me back to fat.
It feels like it was instant.

Like with all our various wagons, 
we get back on with the tools we have
and we make it work again.

I'm just so tired right now.
And embarrassed.

Which, you know,
is a great recipe for working on self-care.


-C Mcg


  1. I'm fat and damned marvellous. So are you. Weight doesn't define us. What's in our heart does, and I really mean that, it's not a platitude. The thinnest people can be mean and miserable. From a luscious, curvy great-grandmother.