Sunday, November 1, 2015

Safety Net

Well, why doesn't so-and-so just do this? 
It's so easy!
Then everything would be fixed!

That might be true
for those who have a good support system.

If even one person believes in you,
even if that person is yourself,
that's what gets you to take the plunge.

Because someone will help you stay afloat,
help with bills
help connect you to more resources
help you do marketing
help you show up on time
help make sure you carry through it.

It just takes one person.

Are you that person 
for someone else, too?
If it seems like they can't do anything right
get anything done
make the big leaps,

try the loving

It's goes much farther than shaming them.

Look what we can accomplish together.

-C McG

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