Sunday, July 19, 2015

Be There

I'm not a praying person.

I might meditate some,
I definitely spend a lot of time
in discernment about what path I should be on.

Praying, though, implies to me
that there's something else out there
that's going to swoop in and make things right.

Just because I asked?

Yeah, no.

Nothing in the universe cares.

Except us.

Humans who have the power to swoop in and make things right.

Prayer is an excuse to not have to do anything,

so I don't buy it.

My hope for all of us is that when something happens

to someone we love,
our neighbor,
a stranger,
we can meditate, discern.
We can be the answer to things that are wrong in the world.

God doesn't favor anyone,

nor does God curse anyone.
It's really up to you to be the grace

for someone who needs it.

Shitty things happen because shitty things happen.

Just be there, be present, when they do.

When something good happens,

acknowledge your skill, your luck, your privilege.
Acknowledge the people that helped you.

That pizza was ALL me.

-C McG 

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