Sunday, May 10, 2015

Recording - The Mother Post

Husband and I live far away from our families. 

So when social media is celebrating holidays, 
we try to remember to at least make a phone call,
mail a gift,
do something to stay in touch with our loved ones back at home.

So, I had an idea this week that we should record something for our moms.
You know, Mothers' Day, etc.

Now, I had absolutely no business making that suggestion.

I'm embarrassed of cameras.
I can't really actually play my instrument,
or sing,
and I especially can't do any of that at the same time
while trying not to cry in front of a camera.

So, hey, no problem.

I picked a song that I remember mom singing a lot when I was younger.
Husband was on board to make some sheet music for us. 
No turning back.


The great thing about our moms 
(and other such adults that seem to guide us in positive directions),
is that they support our attempts to reach beyond our comfort zones,
they support our movements toward being the best adults we can be.

And they seem to not care about how terrible our rehearsals sound.
The important part is that we are practicing.
It's the only way we'll get better.

Our moms know that,
the people that care about us know that.


So, recording a song is just an awful task.

I've talked with friends before how recorded songs are just one random perfect snapshot of how a song looked at one point in time. Great. We'll make one nice recording and then move on. It'll be great.

Within the recording machine, there are so many moving parts, though!
My instrument, his instrument,
my voice, his voice,
singing separately, singing together,
the lighting (how much glare is going to be on my glasses?),
the volume.
Reading the right notes at the right time.
Reading the right lyrics at the right time!

We had many takes that were 95% usable.
And then we were just over it, man.

So, enjoy the take that was just the funnest one. 
The one we accepted when we realized we had just gotten way too serious.

It's my understanding that my bass can either be pretty non-existent or VERY EXISTENT depending on what kind of speakers you are using.

Love to you all!

-C McG


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