Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pedaler's Jamboree - Misery Loves Company

"Misery loves company!" yelled the cyclist that zoomed past me on our rainy morning ride back to Columbia on Sunday. We had woken up to lots of gloom and rain, and listened to other campers talk about they got their weekend's worth on Saturday anyway; they could just catch a ride back to their cars and not feel like they lost anything.

We had stood out in the rain packing our tent and getting soaked. I've been a runner for long enough now that I know once you are completely soaked through, your body doesn't really care about the wet anymore.

So we rode.


This was our second year attending Pedaler's Jamboree. It is FUN. Everyone meets in Columbia, MO, on Saturday. We drop off our gear and anything else we don't need on our bikes, and the nice event organizers transport that to the campsite for us to retrieve later. Then we start our 30ish mile bike ride on the Katy Trail to Boonville, MO. There are a few stops with bands and food/drink vendors along the way. It's no race; just get to campsite whenever you get there. 

There's a big concert for us at the site, and then we can sleep in our tents, pack up again in the morning and ride back to Columbia. They even have an optional shuttle reservation system if you think you'll only ride one day. It's just great.

To get to Katy Trail, you ride about 8 miles down M-K-T Trail. This year, husband and I planned to drink at every major stop. That's a thing the cyclists do. The thought of doing that on a run makes my stomach churn. 


When in Rome...

The music is generally very Bluegrass-y, which we appreciate. A dancing Classy loves her Bluegrass beats.

The scenery on Katy Trail is just ridiculously gorgeous, too. 

LOOK AT THAT LOG, we drunkenly proclaimed.

We reached Kemper Park in Booneville, retrieved all our camping gear. I had been yelling for my flip-flops for good hour by that point. Whew. 

We could set up our tent anywhere, which I interpreted as "anywhere that seemed socially-acceptable and with enough physical boundaries between the tents nearest us."

THERE, PERFECT. Now, bikes, you just sit there forever, OK?

We love our new little orange and brown tent so much now. We sprung for the model that had a rain fly-covered door on each side, so when I inevitably had to pee sixteen times over night, I just had to roll out of my side of the tent.

Once we were settled in, we found more beer (surprise), and found some friends to watch the concert. This is a shot of Moon Hooch. DUBSTEP SAXOPHONES? Yeah, pretty much. People danced like crazy.

I made it safely back to the tent and had made a good dent in my book when it finally started raining.

It continued to rain all night and into the next morning, but as you know, we rode.

We didn't take pictures the second day. 

Day two is focused on just getting back to Columbia without dying. That's why we don't have pictures. Just imagine seeing that log on the other side now.

We did stop for a beer once. I think that's what made this year better than last year.

I'm a runner through and through,

but damn, 
you gotta love coasting down a big hill on a bike.
You earned it.

And damn,
you gotta love downing a cold beer (or cider)
and hopping back on to ride.
You earned it.

-C McG

PS. All that rain Sunday morning? We were only in it for about 30 minutes after we started riding. It was beautiful skies all the way from there! USA! USA!

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