Thursday, April 16, 2015

AIDSWalk Fundraising 2015 -- More Pumpkin?

Hey, everyone! We're gearing up for AIDSWalk Kansas City 2015! As you know, this is a project I support every year by walking and/or coordinating fundraising efforts.

This year, The Arts Asylum and KC Fringe have joined forces to have a booth at the event. We had a tiny goal of $350, and we CRUSHED it.

You may also remember I spent all of last Saturday making an ass out of myself to support the Rock the Parkway racers. Exhibit A:

I'd like to use this remaining time before AIDSWalk to set a stretch goal of $500! 

If we make that goal, I will wear the pumpkin for that event, too.

Ready? Challenge accepted?

To donate to our team, use this link. You may also bring a check to the event, just address it to AIDSWalk Kansas City.

To join us on the walk, just show up:
Saturday, April 25, 2015

Theis Park, Kansas City
Opening Ceremonies: 9am
Walk: 10am

Our booth will be out there somewhere. Hopefully you'll be able to tell by the giant pumpkin.

-C McG

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