Monday, February 16, 2015

My Legacy

A few years ago, Apryl was working on a project where she wanted 100 people to come and have plaster masks made of their faces -- for death masks, she said.

At the time, she asked us to write something to go with these masks. I submitted a poem, but it was too long for that particular project at that time, so it's just been sitting in my email account, waiting for a time to see the light.

I'm overjoyed at the states that are making progress toward equality for all. 

I'm saddened when groups come to fight that progress, unwilling to help groups they've deemed sinful, or lazy or different than themselves. They fight the progress of treating all humans as actual humans.

Our religions have warped us.
Our media has warped us.
Our money has warped us.

We are tricked into thinking equality means 'special treatment for them.'
Equality is all of us getting the same treatment together.
Because we are all human.

We are all equally un-special.

This poem was my epitaph, I called it. But maybe it's more my legacy:

In all situations
my dream of dreams,
my hope of hopes,

when everyone is fighting
about the 'right' way to live life,

when everyone is fighting
about who deserves what,

when everyone is fighting
about how their possessions are going to be protected,

is that I can be remembered
as someone who listened,
weighed all options,
then set all my fears and expectations aside

and simply acted out of love.

-C McG

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