Monday, January 26, 2015

Being Classy at Home

Photo Credit: Fally Afani 2012

Hello, all! You maybe caught in passing that we invited our friend Fally from I Heart Local Music to come do a Classy photo shoot with my husband and me.

The last time Tim and I had posed for photos together was our wedding, over eight years ago. Since then, I've seen couple photo after wedding photo after family photo on Facebook, and I love staying in touch with my friends and family that way, of course, but I ALSO know my friends and family WAYY too well to know that's how they act in real life. Har har.

So, I reached out to Fally--She mostly does concert photography, but has begun expanding her photography business to include family photos and other such. Plus, she knows ME way too well, too. 

We did a photo shoot back in 2012 as a backer prize for the Kickstarter campaign. The banner photo at the top of this post and this photo below are from that shoot.

Photo Credit: Fally Afani 2012

My Classy persona wasn't fully established then. Uh, now it is. So, I brought Fally to my house with the assignment to feature Classy McGraceful, but also include my husband so we can have a 'couple' shoot.

Artists are keenly aware that the reason that they can be successful is that they have a support network that allows them to be successful. Plus, Tim's really adorable.

Photo Credit: Fally Afani 2015

The Peanuts comics are very near to my heart. Anyone who knows me knows I'm totally Lucy. My brother is absolutely Linus. And Tim is Schroeder.

This is the comic I drew during this shot:

Fally also brought her GoPro. I mostly know of them from cyclists wearing them while riding and making me motion sick. They are also fun to capture us fussing with yarn apparently.

Photo Credit: Fally Afani 2015


Photo Credit: Fally Afani 2015

If you like them, there are a couple more available on her Facebook page.

Thanks, Fally. Thanks for keeping us Classy.

-C McG

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